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Welcome to SecurEstate

Eventually, almost everyone has questions about financial planning. And here's the thing, there are no bad ones.  At SecurEstate we believe there is no substitute for real, face to face, open communication between us and client.  That is why we take the time to get to know our clients - and answer every last one of their questions.  Our approach is different, true.  But we've found that when expertise, friendliness, and genuine interest are delivered in tandem, our clients feel much more confident about their financial picture.  And that's the whole point!   


Our Company

SecurEstate is a planning and financial services firm.  We provide seasoned financial advice and custom strategies to individuals from a full range of backgrounds.  Taken at face value, there is nothing incredibly unique about that - it's how we do it that sets us apart.

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Our Services

We provide seasoned financial advice and consistent strategies to individuals from a full range of backgrounds.  Some of our services include: Investments, Estate Planning (Wills vs. Trust), Retirement Planning, Protecting assets from a Nursing Home, Budgeting, College Planning, among others.

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In the Community

At SecurEstate, we want to play a positive role in the lives of the people we serve.  It is a commitment that does well beyond safeguarding their financial well-being.  In the end, any positive role we play in the community is a service to our clients. 

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