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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

There are two distinct phases of retirement planning. Each offers its own unique challenges and opportunities.

First comes the accumulation phase. That’s when you focus on growing your assets. During this period, it’s normal to ask yourself if you’re saving enough money – or if you’re using the right savings vehicles. That’s where the guidance of an experienced financial professional can be especially helpful. After all, the sooner you implement focused financial strategy, the better your chances of meeting your goals.

The second phase of retirement planning is when you stop saving and start spending. If you’re like most people, this can be a strange sensation. For 40 years you’ve been building your nest egg, and suddenly you start making withdrawals.

Navigating through either phase of the retirement planning process can be fairly complex. That’s why so many people decide to seek professional guidance – particularly because mistakes could mean working longer than you anticipated or returning to work after retirement. And nobody wants to be in that position.

To help you gain an understanding of some particularly important retirement planning information, we’ve created the following pages:

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